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Creating an environment in which people can thrive, innovate and feel supported by their company requires more than a competitive salary.


I run private seminars and sessions on a weekly and ad-hoc basis. 

I also offer Corporate Packages that give employees access to my Online Group Classes on Zoom covering up to 10 classes per week.


Extensive research, including my published research project as part of my Masters, show that exercising with colleagues is an excellent way in building a positive psychological climate.  Employees feel better socially connected to others, valued by their company and also get a great sweat on!


The combination of having taught both face-to-face and online corporate classes, alongside with an extensive background in teaching individuals how to mitigate the impact of excessive sitting, means that my classes cater to all of those who are constrained by the lifestyle we lead.


Employee Engagement is undoubtedly one of the most important indicators of business performance and employee wellbeing.  However, it is poorly conceptualised and defined, which has led to a variety of measures being used to track this concept. As a knock on effect, it is very hard to reliably and consistently generalise findings or cross compare research.

Having extensively analysed and critiqued existing research, as well as conducting a live research project as part of my Masters, I am able to guide companies in relation to metrics that are reliable and can be easily replicated.

I have experience developing the Wellness strategy nationwide for the Executive Board of an international hospitality client.  I have also developed quarterly 1000-User Employee Engagement Surveys to track the success of current health and wellbeing initiatives.

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